This is release 0.6 of the Lima-Loa project. For details of the latest release, please check the project web site -


Lima-Loa is a generic implementation of the Gang-of-four Adapter pattern for the Java language, or any other language that runs on the Java Virtual Machine. It allows creation of adapter objects that implement a specified Java interface, and automatically marshall method calls onto pre-defined methods on a target object. Method parameters and results are automatically converted where required.

Lima-Loa has a direct API, and Spring integration. Under the covers it converts simple method parameters or results itself, and uses Dozer to convert custom JavaBeans.

Release Contents

The following files are included in this release:

Directory   Description
distro The Lima-loa .jar
docs/spring The Spring Configuration XML Schema
docs/public-api The JavaDoc for the Direct API
docs/internal-api The JavaDoc for the internal (private) API
docs/manual The User Manual
docs/quality The JUnit test results and quality checks run on this release
lib The third-party libraries required to use Lima-Loa with Dozer. Spring is not included, please download separately the appropriate distribution you require. See Section 3 of the User Manual for further details.
samples Sample applications demonstrating use of the Lima-Loa Direct API and Spring integration. See ReadMe.txt in each directory for further details. To run each example, simply run the Ant build script
src The Lima-Loa source code
test The Lima-Loa JUnit test code

Getting Started

Please read the manual, look through the sample applications, and have a play.

If you have any questions, bug reports or feature requests, please see the project web site.