Lima-Loa Public API 0.5

This is the Public API for developers using the Lima-Loa library.


org.limaloa The Public API and base classes for all exceptions.
org.limaloa.invocation The Proxy runtime method invocation and method dispatching implementation.
org.limaloa.mapping.exception The runtime exception mapping implementation.
org.limaloa.mapping.method The runtime method mapping implementation.
org.limaloa.mapping.object The runtime object mapping implementation.
org.limaloa.spring The Spring integration implementation.


This is the Public API for developers using the Lima-Loa library.

Getting started

Spring Integration

If using the Lima-Loa Spring integration then you don't need to use the Public API to create adapter factories and adapters. See the user manual for details of the Spring configuration.

Direct API

To get started with the Direct API, create an adapter factory using one of the AdapterFactory.getInstance() or AdapterFactory.getInstance(list) methods.

Then use the factory to create an adapter instance, using the factory.createAdapter() method.

See the user manual for further details.

API Stability

Note: The Public API will not become stable until feature complete, which will probably be around version 0.9.

The public API includes all public methods in classes that should be considered stable and will not be modified between minor revisions. The public API also includes all exceptions that can be thrown at configuration time (application startup) or runtime.